Thread Cup Embellishment

This is a very easy project and a way to use all those pieces of thread you’ve been collecting when sewing or doing hand or machine embroidery.


Basic Materials
  • Water Soluble Stabilizer
  • Left over pieces of thread
  • Odif Odicoat Gel Coating
  • Cup of your choice – this works on plastic, glass, ceramic,……
  • Sewing Machine
  • Rotary Cutter & Ruler (optional)

How to:

  1. Measure the length and width necessary to go around your cup and cut 2 sheets of Water Soluble Stabilizer 1 inch longer than necessary.
  2. Place threads between the two sheets of Water Soluble Stabilizer. Go to your sewing machine and either free motion or straight stitch through all layers to keep the sandwiched threads together.
  3. Place the thread sandwich in cool water to melt the stabilizer until it feels like coated gelatin (this will help stick to the cup).
  4. Place the threads around the cup overlapping the ends slightly.
  5. Allow to dry and then seal and waterproof by brushing on a layer of Odif Odicoat gel coating.

Voila!! All done.

Sewn threads trapped between 2 layers of water soluble stabilizer
Cut 1 inch longer then cup circumference.
Melt away the stabilizer by placing in water. When it feels like gelatin is coating the threads, remove from water. Wrap around the cup and allow to dry.
When dry, brush on a layer of Odif Odicoat to seal and waterproof.

Week 1 : Where Paper and Fabric Collide

Our first challenge was to make a travel journal cover. You can see Michelle’s interpretation on her Facebook Everything Scrapbook and Stamps   

Here is my interpretation for Week 1 :

I used Dye techniques to paint onto muslin with paints from Dina Wakeley available at Everything Mixed Media and put down a decorative wool (trim) with Bernina  presser foot # 21.  I used stop stitch functions on my sewing machine for the loop effect of the wool.

2018 Art Challenge

Welcome to the 2018 art challenge between Creative Textile Mastery and  Michelle McCosh of Everything Scrapbook and Stamps

We have challenged ourselves to create on a weekly basis an interpretation in paper and fabric of the same word, project or theme. Here is our introduction video:

Follow along for our weekly posts and be inspired!!

Everything Scrapbook & Stamps

Class in Painting fabric using Shibori technique at Everything Scrapbook and Stamps, Lake Worth Florida #shibori #fabric painting #everythingscrapbookandstamps @ Everything Scrapbook & Stamps

Creative Textile Mastery is dedicated to everything Textile.
Loving all forms of textile manipulations, the idea is to spur creativity by sharing.


Christine E.

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Travel Inspirations

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I invite you to participate in the Challenge : Travel Inspirations.

Play with me as I travel through France sharing creativity booster photos.

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